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3 Tips For Buying The Perfect Lehenga Choli Online

Wedding season is coming up, and if you’re anything like me, that means you’ll be attending at least three weddings within the next few months. In India, the traditional bridal attire involves wearing a heavy lehenga choli, which means your wedding outfit will likely end up weighing around 15 pounds (unless you want to wear sweatpants instead). So before you make your online bridal order, here are 3 tips for buying the perfect lehenga choli online

1) Buying from international sellers

Most international sellers don’t ship to addresses outside of their home country. This may seem like a deal-breaker, but don’t let it get you down! There are a few things you can do to get around your seller’s restrictions and snag that perfect lehenga choli. Here are some tips to help you out

1) Use an address in another country when checking out.

2) Buy through PayPal: If you have a credit card with international coverage, use it to pay for your purchase instead of PayPal (note: be sure to check if your credit card charges additional fees for overseas purchases).

3) Buy from multiple sellers at once: If there are multiple sellers on eBay offering exactly what you want, make separate purchases from each one—that way they won’t know they sold something to someone else in another location.

2) Researching your lehenga choli

Before shopping for a lehenga choli, it’s important to understand what types of fabric are available. Keep in mind that every type of fabric has pros and cons. A net lehenga might be your best bet if you have a particularly shy frame and are worried about showing off too much skin in public—but then again, net outfits can be hot, they get wrinkled easily, and they aren’t ideal for dancing or any other physical activity. Silk will drape beautifully on almost anyone, but it tends to crease easily as well—and you probably don’t want to risk wearing an outfit with visible wrinkles during an important event.

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3) Understanding lehenga choli fabric types

Silk is probably not something you’d expect to see in a choli. But, nowadays, designers are starting to use it more and more. Since silk is such a luscious fabric, wearing it feels like wrapping yourself in luxury. It also goes without saying that lehengas made from silk can be quite expensive. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, check out cotton or viscose blends instead of pure silk fabrics; these are much more affordable than their 100% silk counterparts. Viscose is a synthetic fabric that’s similar to rayon; both materials are often labeled viscose on product tags and usually feel soft and silky but don’t have quite as refined of a texture as silk does.

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