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5 aconcagua Myths Busted

Aconcagua is a mysterious mountain. There is a lot of weather change and diverse terrain. If you plan to go on an expedition soon, you need to learn many things and practice well before time. 

Climbing Aconcagua may seem easy, simple, or short. But here are four prevalent myths that are not based on proven facts. We will debunk these myths for you! 

It is easy if you are experienced

Many people will tell you that you don’t need to practice before trekking. The experts do not advise it. Climbing in Aconcagua is not an easy trek. It may be easy for people with a lot of experience but practicing before trekking is a safer option. 

The difficulty level of this trek is moderate, i.e., since you can’t measure experience in any terms, we should always choose a safer option. Experience does not mean you will not get injured or have a successful expedition. Even experienced trekkers practice a lot before their expeditions. 

Only climb in excellent weather period

The best time to climb Aconcagua is from November to March. But climbing in this period does not mean you will not encounter sudden weather changes. The weather is so unpredictable here that you need to be always ready for the worst weather. 

Experienced trekkers and guides know how to make personal weather forecasts based on the sun, wind, and intuition. You can feel these sudden changes in your surroundings and the changes in your body due to temperature changes. Experienced guides will help you judge the weather, and you will have to decide whether you can go forward or not. Developing this judgment takes time but pays off well. 

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It’s a quick trek

There are two faces to the Aconcagua. The route to the north face takes about 20 days for most people, whereas the route to the south takes 10 to 12 days.

The number of days is not fixed at all. Depending on the sub-roots you choose and how much you trek in a day, the trek duration will change. You can’t complete a trek in the safest way possible if you rush forward.

You don’t need a guide

You can climb Aconcagua with your friends, in a group, or solo. However, experienced you are, it is best to have an experienced guide with you or at least in contact. To have a safe expedition, it is necessary to be under expert supervision. 

Acomara Aconcagua expeditions offer various services; even if you want to climb solo, our experienced guides will help you get your goods to the destination and provide emergency services. 


Before going on an expedition, consult experts and hire professional guides with good experience on Aconcagua expeditions. Even if you plan to go solo, contact the experts and companies providing reliable services. Some even plan your stays nearby, so it’s a seamless process for you. 

Aconcagua is safe and fun to climb, but only if you practice well, have good health, and take precautions for your safety. Your safety is in your hands! 

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