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6 Most Amazing Tourist Attractions in Guatemala City

Longing to know the culture of Guatemala‘s capital, Guatemala City? For ages, the city has been a favorite tourist destination for many people. 

So, guys plan a trip whether you’re in town for a few days or more, and discover the beauty of the city with Spirit airlines Reservations

  1. Mercado Central

This well-known passage offers a great way of walking through the seemingly endless maze of underground passages. Here, you can explore the lively Mercado Central. This may not be as pretty as the open-air markets in Antigua or Chichicastenango. However, in this place, handicrafts are found here. These crafts are often much cheaper. Buy or browse stalls selling leather goods, wooden masks, and woolen blankets.

  1. La Aurora Zoo

If you love to sightsee wild animals, then visit the Guatemala City Zoo. The zoo is well maintained and organized, for those who are animal lovers. Come here to spend a couple of hours. Here, you can sightsee exhibit areas, including the African savanna, the Asian subcontinent, the Mesoamerican tropics, and a farm. 

  1. Mapa en Relieve

Watch this enormous open-air topographical map of Guatemala that is a great place to begin your adventures in the county. With a staggering 1:10,000 scale, there is an exaggerated volcanic peak appearing even more dramatic and precipitous than they are in real life.

Have an adventurous trip here to get a feel for the landscape of Guatemala with spirit airlines booking. 

4.Museo Ixchel del Traje Indigena

Hop into the Museo Ixchel del Traje Indigena to learn about Guatemala’s iconic Mayan textiles. There are excellent exhibitions that showcase indigenous dress and arts and crafts and document the history of these garments.

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This museum is packed with an art gallery downstairs, a children’s section, a café, a library, and an ethical shop that sells textiles which you can explore with Spirit airlines flight booking.

5.Palacio Nacional de la Cultura

Rush to the significant site that is located on the north side of Parque Central. The most magnificent Presidential Palace was built between 1936 and 1943 by prisoners on the orders of the infamous dictator General Jorge Ubico. However, this palatial building today is a museum and cultural center. 

Enjoy your day trip here to explore its quirks; the grand banquet hall, with its ornate stained-glass panels, ironically represents the virtues of good government with.

Metropolitan Cathedral

This famous cathedral is also called the Cathedral of Guatemala City. Explore the Metropolitan Cathedral which is located right at the heart of the city. Featuring an interior design standing as a shining example of colonial art and architecture, this church has a layout that mirrors the form of the Latin cross. In addition, at the front of the cathedral are 12 pillars that are a tribute to the murders and disappearances of thousands of people during the Guatemalan civil war during the 1960s. 

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