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6 Most Amazing Tourist Attractions in Pereira

Tourist Attractions in Pereira

Is Pereira new for you? Plan a tour to this city that is situated in the middle of the western region of Colombia and the capital of the Risaralda department. Pereira houses some great attractions where the economy depends on agriculture and logistics. Above all, there are some major multinational companies in Pereira.

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  1. Lake Otún

Lake is one of the best attractions in Pereira. The lake is located in the Parque Nacional Los Nevados. Plan a tour to visit Lake Otún, one of Pereira’s sources of freshwater. At this place, make sure you bring a fishing rod (or rent one) to try your hand at catching rainbow trout.

At this place, you can find endangered Colombian species of birds, so, guys try to spot them here with Copa airlines Flight Booking.

  1. Buy Some Tailor-Made Clothing

Pereira also shops for the huge clothing industry. The city is home to big brands like Arturo Calle, Costa Azul, and Gino Pascalli all based here. Also, there are huge factories, this Colombian city retains the longtime tradition of making bespoke clothes.

Anyone who is into shopping at the big stores can visit a mom-and-pop tailor shop for clothes made specifically to fit your body with Copa airlines ticket Booking.

  1. Plaza de Mercado Minorista

Though weird, this place in Pereira is interesting. This market is filled with everything from exotic fruit to live animals. One of Pereira’s biggest markets is perfect to shop for. Also, known as Plaza Mercado de La 40, this market is the place to see an authentic part of the city and take great photographs.

  1. Nevado Santa Isabel

Looking for a peaceful site to relax then visit this gorgeous site within Los Nevados National Park. At this place, you will also find some adventure. At this place, you can go hiking up or around Santa Isabel, a shield volcano.

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Come to this hike if you’re interested in seeing the volcanic landscape, the páramo, and the interesting plant species with Copa airlines Booking.

  1. Take a Coffee Tour

The main attraction in Pereira is the local food items that must be tried by each. Come to this coffee region to see how Colombia’s key export is made and then drink some of the final product. Also, there are tons of fincas or farms where you can take tours to see how the owners grow, pick, dry, and process the coffee beans. Have some delicious coffee here!

  1. Parque Regional Natural Ucumari

Looking for a serene site then visit the natural reserve. This reserve is filled with waterfalls, lush greenery, and miles of walking trails. For anyone bored of closed buildings, must visit this and enjoy spending time in nature.

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