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Albuquerque car accident: When calling an attorney is necessary

No matter how well you drive, getting injured in a car accident could be a terrifying experience. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are not rare in Albuquerque, and people often end up with serious, life-threatening injuries. Following a car accident, you may have many questions on your mind. New Mexico is a tort state, which means if you have evidence that the other party was responsible for the crash, you can seek compensation for your losses. Here comes the big question – Do you really need to hire a personal injury lawyer Albuquerque? There are some circumstances when having an attorney helps, and we have enlisted a few for you.

You are also to blame

New Mexico has very claimant-friendly laws when it comes to car accidents. Let’s say you were 70% responsible for an accident and successfully sued the other party for $50,000. Even though you share primary blame for the crash, you can still recover $15,000 as the final settlement, and what you missed out on is because of your fault share. This is also called a pure comparative fault rule, but the downside is the other party can also sue you. Don’t take a chance, and consider hiring an injury lawyer right away.

Your injuries are severe

If you have suffered injuries that are likely to impact your life in the present and future, you should definitely call an attorney. Personal injury lawyers know what it takes to evaluate a claim, and they will seek compensation for your current and future medical care, lost wages, and other losses. If the expected compensation is high, the insurance company will try to settle it for less; therefore, hiring an attorney makes things easier. They can negotiate for you, but if the settlement offer is too low, the injury lawyer can file a lawsuit.

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You don’t know how to proceed ahead

People usually feel overwhelmed after a car accident, and more often than not, they end up accepting the first offer. If you are unsure of the next steps or how to file a claim, get an injury lawyer to do everything for you. The good news is most lawyers don’t charge an hourly rate but take a share of the settlement. This essentially means that you don’t have to pay the lawyer if you don’t get compensated.

Get an attorney to know what your injury lawsuit is worth and how you can do better to get a fair settlement.

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