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Bernshtam Speaks About Auto Restoration as an Interesting Hobby

Although a real estate developer by profession, Bernshtam has been deeply involved in the business of auto restoration. Despite his busy schedule as a developer at the Avalon Holdings, LLC, he takes time to nurture his love for car through this activity. He is also known to be one among the Illinois Secretary of Bernshtam Speaks State Licensed Auto Dealers.

Auto restoration refers to the act of restoring an automobile. When the car is completely taken apart and each part of it is restored it is known as full restoration. This is done with the objective of making the car run as good as new again. Often the old antique cars go through this kind of restoration for they are no longer in the condition to run on the roads again. This comes to be of great help for those who inherit classic cars from their parents or forefathers and wish to retain them.

The term ‘refurbished’ is often confused with restored but the two are not the same thing. Restoration is the replacement of the parts of an automobile with the modern equivalent parts so that it can be functional again. It is a detailed change in the car parts. Refurbished, on the other hand would mostly mean a cosmetic change of a car. This would involve actions such as repainting or buffing or even changing the upholstery of the car. The latter is a quicker and less expensive affair than the former.

The restoration process, as experienced people such as Bernshtam would agree, depends on the condition of the car. An adept in this work will be able to discern easily the level of restoration that will be required for the particular car. There are basically three areas in the car that need attention in this regard – the interior of the car, the outside of the vehicle, and under the hood of the car.

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The exterior of the car is the first thing that anyone notices in a car, it thus becomes imperative that special attention be paid to that. The mechanic working on a restoration project will first have to identify the parts of the car that can be salvaged and those that need to be replaced. It is on the basis of this that the budget will be decided. After that, the car is stripped down and its paint removed with the help of either sandblasting or some chemical treatment. Rust is removed from various parts and parts of the car are replaced wherever necessary.

As a person with an inclination towards auto restoration, Bernshtam also knows that it is the interior that is vacuumed after this.  The upholstery is replaced if required and the interior cleaned with a solvent.

Finally, the engine is taken care of and in most cases replaced with a new one because some of the parts of these engines are not manufactured any longer. That is how the entire process of auto restoration takes place and an old car gets a brand-new look.

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