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Can You Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are one of the most common pests found in houses. If they are not appropriately treated, they will keep returning. They are attracted to overripe fruits and still water.  Contact Armis Pest Management to get rid of fruit fly infestation by professional services.

The physical appearance of fruit flies

These flies are very small, hardly identifiable, and look similar to other flies. Their length is around a quarter inch, and they have feathered antennas. Their size helps them to get through most closed doors and windows. They can enter through the smallest holes in your house. Therefore, it is essential to be careful about houseflies.

The lifespan of fruit flies

Fruit flies survive for about 25 days or more. Their lifespan is the largest dependent on their lifestyle. In addition, their life consists of four phases: the egg, larvae, pupae, and adult stage. It takes approximately a week for to develop from egg to adult.

Attractors of fruit flies

Fruit flies are attracted to ripening or decayed fruits. Any item going through the fermentation process is an attractor for.

Common attractors of found in homes are as follows.

  • Bowls of fruit

This is one of the leading factors in fly infestation. Decaying fruits kept outside in the bowl attract flies. Keeping those flies away from your fruit basket is hard unless they are covered with plastic films.

  • Fruit trees

If you have a garden with fruits, it is crucial to do regular caretaking. Make sure to dispose of fallen fruits or decaying fruits. They attract rodents and pests into your garden and house.

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Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are annoying and dangerous to your health. They can infect your meals and make them unfit for eating. Unknowingly eating those foods can lead to several health issues.

You can remove using a DIY fly trap or contact a professional pest control service.

DIY Fruit Fly Trap

Make sure to clean your house properly before this. Fly traps can be made by combining a few cups of warm apple cider, red wine vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap liquid. Make sure to properly stir the mixture and keep it near the area where you observe a lot of. Along with homemade fly traps, you can also use store-bought fly traps to remove them from your house.

Professional Fruit Fly Pest Control

You can permanently eliminate these flies by contacting a pest control service. They professionally eradicate and prevent future infestations as well.

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