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Getting a Wedding Cake that Works

As a bride to be, you have probably been imagining your wedding day from a very early age, the dress, the ceremony, the reception and even the cake. Chances are you have seen many amazing wedding cakes in magazines throughout your life and more so since your engagement. If you want to get the best wedding cake that works for you, you need to do some research prior to meeting with a bakery that specializes in custom wedding cakes.


1. Homework: 

Start flipping through wedding magazines for examples of cakes that you like. Know what you want before meeting with a bakery so you can articulate your desires. If you narrow down your ideas, the meeting with the cake designer will be more productive.

2. Discuss with your fiancé:  

  The cake price is one factor as it can fluctuate from low to sky high. Decide on cake flavours based on your research. Then you can ask for samples of what you want when you meet with the bakery. Style and Design are also important to discuss. A wedding cake should reflect the beauty of your marriage and life together, and be tasty.

3. Incorporate a theme: 

Many brides want their wedding cake to be cohesive with the other elements in the wedding. Think about the following questions:


  • What is your color scheme? Should the cake match the bride’s maids’ dresses?
  • Should the cake relate to your flower arrangements at all?
  • How much are you willing to spend on your wedding cake?
  • How many people will be at the reception that need a slice?
  • Is the style of your wedding elegant, conservative, relaxed, laid back or flamboyant?
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It is good to know this before meeting with a cake designer and doing a tasting. This will help you make a better selection for your cake, one that seamless with your theme. A great wedding cake is in many ways the crown jewel of the food at a reception; indeed, it is more than just food, it is a sophisticated symbol of your marriage. Nowadays cakes are most important for every occasion as like birthday, Anniversary, Christmas and celebrity wedding like paul wesley wedding and many more events. 


When you do meet with a bakery’s cake designer, you should have a list of questions to ask. Many answers will be presented before you even ask, but you should know what to expect. Consider questions such as:


  • May we see your portfolio of wedding cakes?
  • Can we set up a tasting of cake flavours and fillings?
  • Can you give us some references?
  • Do you do custom wedding cakes, or do you only have a standard set of wedding cakes offered?
  • Do you have a price list?
  • Are cake toppers, and stands included in the price?
  • Can you communicate with our florist if we want flowers included in the cake design?
  • What ingredients are your cakes made with?
  • If some of your guests have peanut, egg or gluten intolerances, can you make an alternate smaller cake to suit their needs?
  • How close can you bake and decorate the cake to my wedding day? (For freshness)
  • How much does it cost for delivery?
  • Can we have a written estimate?


Know in advance what to ask. Again, most experienced bakeries usually answer all these questions in the consultation without you even having to ask. A well informed couple will be better prepared for that big decision among many of choosing a great wedding cake that works.

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