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Home Health Care Services: Types

Health care services that a patient can receive at their homes have no limit. It is the medical condition of the patient that tells what kind of home services they need. The services range from nursing care to specialized medical services such as physiotherapies. Your doctor in charge along with you and your family will determine what kind of health care services you need. The personal health care Philadelphia includes:

Doctor Care

Some doctors are responsible for their patients and provide home services to treat various diseases the patients might have. Usually, the doctor who pays a home visit is responsible for the health care of the entire family and maintains a health care record of the family.

Nursing Care 

It is perhaps the most common form of personal health care. After you are diagnosed with an illness or if you have met an accident, according to your doctor’s advice you can have an in-home nurse. The nurse under the supervision of the doctor will take care of your health. 

Occupational, Physical, or Speech Therapy

Some illnesses from accidents make people disabled. The injured or suffering person might become invalid to perform their daily habits. A physiotherapist helps a person by putting together a plan that enables the person to regain muscle and joint movements. To regain the social, emotional, or physical ability, an occupational therapist comes to the rescue. If you have lost the ability to speak clearly, you can ask a speech therapist to help you.

Medical Social Services 

If a patient has no one to look after them, medical social services are provided by people who brings the patients various kind of needful aliments. These social workers work for the patient with very less or zero benefits. 

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Home Health Aides

The patients who lose their ability to get out of bed, walk, bathe, etc., are helped by home health aids. Some aides have received training to assist with more complex duties. They do it under the supervision of the nurse.

Homemaker assistance

When a person is suffering medically, there is a person who helps them in maintaining the household chores like cooking, gardening, doing laundry, etc.


It is suggested that if a person is not able to take care of themselves or has busy family members, they should opt for home-care services. 

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