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Kanat Sultanbekov – Tips to Hire the Right Construction Workers for Your Projects

The construction industry is demanding when it comes to hard work, and as a project manager, you must be responsible for hiring the right talent for the job. The recruitment process can be stressful as you need aspirants and experienced people who are enthusiastic, strong, skilled, motivated, confident, and eager to work and learn with you in the project.

Qualifications are important, and you need to verify credentials before you hire workers for the job. Though the task of hiring the right talent in the industry takes time and a lot of effort, if you deploy the correct strategies, you will get the right team to join you to make the construction project a successful venture over time!

Kanat Sultanbekov – Finding the right talent for the project

Kanat Sultanbekov is a construction manager from New York known for his impressive track record when it comes to completing projects within time. He balances risk assessments, operational processes, and strategic planning for all the construction projects he undertakes effectively. He practices optimal standards for safety on the construction site and is an inspiring team leader who reduces errors even if tasks are done for the first time.

Three strategies for recruitment

According to him, hiring for a construction project entail employing the correct strategies for hiring, and the key ones are-

  1. Creating a clear job description- This is the first step to hiring competent workers for the construction project. Determine what you need in your employees, and make it concise for the applicant to understand clearly. The requirements for the job should be described clearly with qualifications and experience needed if any. The benefits, remuneration, and incentives should be listed clearly. However, the language you use should be short and precise in the ad. Post your requirements on sites construction workers visit to get a good response.
  1. Request for referrals- Ask your present workers on the construction site if they know anyone fit for the job you have in hand. Credible workers will always refer equally trustworthy people to you if they know anyone. Most of the time, referrals result in you finding the best talent for your project. So, go ahead and ask your trustworthy workers to refer someone they know.
  1. Keep references in mind- Determining a candidate’s credentials and whether he is fit for the role is challenging in an interview. You cannot correctly judge a candidate’s character, reliability, honesty, etc., during the interview process. However, professional and personal references play a major role in recruiting candidates for the job. With them, you can get a deeper insight into your candidates and hire them for the job saving you time to conduct interviews for the designated post.
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According to Kanat Sultanbekov, when hiring candidates for any construction project, think long-term. You might also need the same workers for your projects in the future. Before hiring candidates, check to see whether they will align with your long-term goals in the future and will be adaptable to change as and when it surfaces.

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