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Learn to Draw A Simple Car Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

Easy Car Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids adores cars as one of their favorite toys. You would know how exciting their adventures are as they go vrooming all around the house if you’ve seen them play with their vehicles. And why stop playing with toy cars? Please have your children illustrate and paint them in vivid hues.

Have you ever wondered how to make drawing a car for your child simple? Here is a tutorial on how to draw cars.

What You’ll Need for a Drawing For Kids

  • A sheet of blank A4 paper.
  • An ink pen.
  • A remover.
  • The scale.
  • Colours (crayons, watercolor, or sketch pens).

10 Simple Steps for Drawing For Kids to Draw a Car

Step 1:

  • Make two circles with a horizontal line over them.
  • A scale should draw a horizontal line on the bottom half of the A4-sized drawing paper. Then, as seen in the image, draw two circles over the bar. These circles are your transportation on wheels!

Step 2: 

  • Inside the wheels, draw smaller circles.
  • Next, create a second circle inside the automobile wheels, as seen in the illustration below. This is what we refer to as the wheel’s barrel.
  • Inside the wheels, create smaller circles.

Step 3: 

  • Inside the wheels, draw the third set of circles.
  • Each wheel should have a little circle drawn in its center. I know your artwork right now looks like a pair of eerie eyes, but it is your car. To make things easier for you. By the way, the center caps are these tiny circles.

Step 4:

  • Draw lines from the innermost circle to the second circle in step four.
  • Draw five equally spaced lines on each wheel, beginning at the innermost circle and finishing at the second circle. The spokes on these lines represent the wheels. You have the option of drawing these lines freehand or using your scale.
  • From the innermost circle to the second circle, draw lines.
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Step 5:

  • Use Two Horizontal Lines to Join the Wheels
  • Next, draw two horizontal lines to link the wheels. Here, too, your scale can be used. The basis of the automobile is made up of these lines. Is it just us, or does the illustration appear to be a set of glasses Drawing For Kids on a pair of eyes?

Step 6:

  • Drawing two rectangles on either side of the wheels is step six.
  • As indicated in the image below, draw two rectangles extending away from one another on either side of the wheels.

Step 7: 

  • Sketch the Car’s Body
    This portion of the artwork will be simplified by being divided into three steps:
  • First, draw a curving line from the left side of the drawing paper over the rectangle, stopping just above the end of the wheel on the right side. Your car’s hood will be at the front of this curve.
  • Then, from the right-side end of the rectangle to where the first line finishes, draw another curved line to connect the back of the car. Your car’s trunk is located here.
  • Now, on the top, draw a semicircle extending from the intersection of the first two curved lines to the tip of the first wheel. Voila! You’ve just removed the car’s roof and windshield so far.
    Draw the car’s body.

Step 8:

  • Draw the car door and the headlight.
  • Add a car door and a headlight now. As the figure below indicates, you must draw two slightly curved lines in the car’s center for this stage. 
  • It’s significantly easier to draw a car’s headlight! Draw an oval on the car’s hood (the curve on the extreme left of your drawing paper).
  • Draw the vehicle’s door and headlights.
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Step 9:

  • Draw the Windows in Two Quadrants.
  • Now, create the windows for your car by drawing two quadrants—one large and one small. You can use your scale to make the lines straight, but it’s unnecessary. Make them like the car windows shown in the illustration below.

Step 10 :

  • Wow! nicely put together is your automobile! All left to do is get your favorite paints and paint the car!
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