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The Top 10 ReactJS Development Tools That Every Developer Should Know

If you’re wondering which tools should be at the top of your ReactJS development toolbox, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to creating a ReactJS website, choosing from the best ReactJS development tools can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Not only are there hundreds of thousands of options out there, but it can be hard to determine which ones will make the biggest impact on your success as an app developer or web developer. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with our top 10 best ReactJS development tools list.

1) Create-React-App

1. Create-React-App is a tool that helps developers create React applications with no build configuration required.
2. It is a command line interface tool that can be used to create and manage React projects.
3. Create-React-App provides a simple way to get started with React development and it can be used to create both web and native applications.

2) Redux

Redux is a JavaScript library for managing the application state. It is often used with React but can be used with any other JavaScript framework. Redux makes it easy to manage your application’s state by providing a single store for all of your data. This data can be accessed by any component in your application, making it easy to keep your application consistent. Plus, Redux comes with a great dev tool that makes debugging your application’s state easy.

3) Jest

Jest is a JavaScript testing framework designed to ensure the correctness of codebases. It’s fast, interactive, and easy to use! Plus, it has a great community behind it. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use Jest for your ReactJS development:

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1. You can test your codebase with confidence.
2. Jest is fast and interactive.
3. It’s easy to use!
4. The community is great.
5. You can test your codebase with confidence (again).
6. Jest is fast (again).
7. And interactive (again)!

4) Enzyme

Enzyme is a JavaScript Testing utility for React that makes it easier to assert, manipulate, and traverse your React Components’ output. Enzyme’s API is meant to be intuitive and flexible by mimicking jQuery’s API.

5) Spectronaut

Spectronaut is a great tool for developing ReactJS applications. It allows you to create high-quality, reusable components that can be used in any application. In addition, Spectronaut provides a great way to test your components and ensure that they work correctly.

6) Storybook

Storybook is a development tool for creating UI components in isolation. This means that you can develop and test individual components without having to worry about the rest of your app. In other words, it makes your life as a developer much easier.

7) Material UI Components

When it comes to building user interfaces, Material UI is one of the best options available. It’s a set of React components that have been designed to look great on any screen size. Plus, they’re easy to use and customize. Here are the top 10 Material UI components that every React developer should know about.

8) React Static Types

JavaScript is a dynamic language, and thus, it can be difficult to catch errors early on. That’s where static types come in. Static types are a way of annotating variables with type information. This helps the TypeScript compiler catch errors and provide better autocompletion.

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9) Razzle

Razzle is a tool that allows you to create universal JavaScript applications with no configuration. It’s one of the simplest tools to use, and it can save you a lot of time when setting up React projects. Plus, it comes with a variety of features that can help improve your development process.

10) Next.js

Next.js is a lightweight framework for static and server-rendered applications. It includes features like automatic code splitting, server-side rendering, and client-side routing. Plus, it’s easy to set up and use. Here are the top 10 ReactJS development tools that every developer should know about


In conclusion, these are the top 10 ReactJS development tools that every developer should know. If you’re looking to hire ReactJS developers, be sure to keep these tools in mind. With the right tools, you can streamline your development process and create amazing applications.

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