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Realistic House Drawing For Kids | House Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Realistic House Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids learning how to sketch a house is usually enjoyable because everyone knows how they generally seem. The main issue is that many pupils develop a sort of drawing routine where they constantly depict them similarly. It’s beneficial to provide pupils with some inspiration for various options to foster an interest in architecture. There are a couple of further alternatives below this one, so keep scrolling.

Building drawings require more structured thinking. If one wishes to create something that appears well-built and stands straight and tall, the lines need to be precise and ordered.

Teaching students how to use guidelines as a point of reference is the best approach to get them off to a good start in any drawing course.

You may have noticed that each step in every instruction on this site has a dashed line going through it, both horizontally and vertically. Before drawing, kids might have an easy reference by making their centered lines on their paper.

Easy House Drawing For Kids

Having a visual starting point will always help anyone learn to be a little more accurate because drawing abilities are all about getting the size and placement of lines on paper.

Does that imply that before beginning, pupils must use a ruler to draw a thick line in the middle of their paper? Oh my goodness, don’t! That will probably be challenging to remove and detract from any finished artwork. No, just crease the paper after folding it in half on both long edges. The neat thing is that the creases will vanish once the drawing is finished and colored in.

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You can see a one-story house in the image. All the essential components are present: a roof, an attic, a chimney, a door, and a window. You’ll find this lecture to be both entertaining and beneficial.

You can see that this instruction uses straightforward geometric forms, and you will see once more practice drawing straight lines. If you labor attentively, the outcome will be to your satisfaction. Follow my advice and complete each drawing process in order.


  • Pencil, Paper, Eraser, and Coloring Materials
  • Needed time: 20 minutes.

Drawing a Simple House:

  • The house’s outline should be removed.
  • Draw a rectangle after determining the house’s dimensions and placement.
  • Include the roof.
  • Draw a trapezoid using a few straight lines.
  • Drawing of the chimney.
  • On the roof’s peak, draw a little rectangle.
  • Out the window, pull.
  • The frame and four glass panes should be placed inside a tiny rectangle.
  • Reverse the door.
  • Create a rectangle. Draw straight lines to represent the threshold and door frame.
  • Show the attic.
  • Draw a few straight lines to represent the tiny attic on the roof.
  • Specify further.
  • Draw the doorknob and window in the attic.
  • Add more information.
  • To depict the texture of the logs, use horizontal lines.
  • Color the illustration.
  • You’ll need a variety of brown and blue tones.

If you want to improve your drawing, you can include more items. Draw flowers, plants, trees, and the sky, for instance.

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