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Relationship between product sampling program and Dry sampling

Big brands are notorious and popular for tapping into the power of product sampling to establish brand awareness and make people interested in their products. Given the current market scenario, studies suggest that people are more likely to purchase a product after receiving it as a free sample. This phenomenon is known as Dry Sampling. To understand this phenomenon, we as the masses have to explore the nuances of Relationship between product sampling in a detailed manner.

While offering products as free samples, two methods can be considered for it in the store or outside the store. One is the indirect sampling method, and the other is the direct sampling method. A product sampling program is a great solution for marketing a product to the target consumers. Whether a business is trying to attract new customers or get the word out about new products to their returning customers, creating samples with a sampling agency is what can be essential in the product sampling program. These reliable methods of product sampling for advertising are effectively used by many companies around the world.

The businesses have to allow the product to do all the work with the help of two types of methods of direct sampling, dry sampling, and wet sampling. An indirect product sampling program is specifically remote selling, where a business let their product do all the work. Whereas direct sampling is the exact opposite of indirect sampling. The direct sampling method can be broken down into categories of dry sampling and wet sampling. Both dry sampling and wet sampling have the same goal of allowing the customers to test the product.

  • Exploring the product through dry sampling

Dry sampling is very similar to indirect sampling, it is an approach where a business offers its consumer’s product samples through a product sampling program for them to be tested at home. This approach includes the use of a promotional stand and ensures that the salesperson explains how the product needs to be used for every buyer. This implies that a business is not cutting itself from potential customers. There is some form of personal interaction involved in this. It is one of the most popular methods of the direct sampling method. The main advantage of use of dry sampling in a product sampling program is that a business can keep expenses low while they engage with an already interested buyer. It is easier to increase the awareness of one’s brand than following an indirect sampling tactic.

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The Dry Sampling approach offers the customer a product they can easily test at home. It provides a physical interaction with the consumer. There are two types of Dry Sampling methods–

Event-Based Dry Sampling

This approach involves giving away freebies with the help of a particular event. An event-based sampling campaign depends on the relevance of the implemented event. Success is guaranteed in dry sampling if they can offer free samples of a product that people are interested in. But the cost of implementing this strategy can be relatively high as it involves event sponsorship and free sample values.

Supermarket Dry Sampling

In this sampling method, the more people reach out to the product, the better the business’s chances are of achieving sales and growing business. The overall cost incurred in this is low.

  • 5 Ways To Product Sample Effectively with Dry Sampling

Enticing Purchases Of Full-Size Products

The end goal of most brands implementing dry sampling campaigns is to entice full-size product purchases. They cannot just send out samples and expect customers to make a purchase. They need to be nurtured before making this sort of commitment.

For Customer Reviews

Reviews are the result of word of mouth. They enable consumers to refer to various sources about the product before committing to a purchase. Efforts can be made towards reviews from those consumers who are buying full-size products. A widespread product sampling campaign is very effective in boosting customer reviews quickly for the core products.

For User-Generated Content

User-generated content is different from a traditional influencer marketing point of view. The best content comes from loyal customers who are passionately obsessed with the brand and want to share their experiences. In order to inspire better user-generated content, a business needs to offer its customers something to make noise about. An ongoing product sampling campaign ensures that the customers have something fresh to talk about with the targeted community.

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As A Loyalty Benefit

Loyalty programs are excellent to foster brand loyalty and facilitate repeat purchasing behaviors among consumers. But this condition holds only if the benefits are lucrative.

Dry sampling is thus a very effective way to create a reach for a new product in the already evolved market by conducting a product sampling campaign in a planned way.

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