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Selin Sakarcan Talks About Some of the Most Popular Types of Ankle and Foot Surgeries

Most people having problems with their ankles or feet do not require a surgery. The decision to conduct a surgical procedure or not depends on multiple factors, including how bad are the symptoms and if the pain has an impact on the everyday life of the patient.  The response of the patients to other treatments, like drugs, orthopedic exercises and special footwear, should also be taken into account. One must discuss all these factors with a healthcare professional like Selin Sakarcan, who shall be able to give proper advice about the further treatment choices to explore.  She is a podiatric physician and foot and ankle surgeon, and has served as Student President while being a House Delegate of the American Podiatric Medical Student Association.

The prime goal of a foot surgery is not only to relieve chronic pain but also restore proper ankle and foot function. Common types of foot surgeries include:

  • Achilles tendon repair:

  • When the thick tendon connecting back of the heel to calf muscles gets torn, surgery is needed to effectively reconnect the torn ends back together. While the ends of the Achilles tendon may reconnect naturally without surgery, nonsurgical treatments commonly results in the injury occurring again, and having a slow recovery rate. To avoid these issues, many people, especially athletes, opt for surgery to repair this injury.
  • Fusion surgery:

  • When a joint has extensive damage and leads to chronic pain, fusion surgery might be recommended. This pain is generally caused due to bone-on-bone scraping during movement. When protective tissues and other elements get degraded and no longer work properly. This type of a foot surgery is performed for removing the remaining cartilage. And to permanently join or fuse adjacent bone tissues together. Screws and plates are used to support the natural fusion process. Which would subsequently prevent the movements that cause pain and other problems.
  • Metatarsal surgery:

  •   A foot and ankle surgeon may recommend metatarsal surgery to repair. Rheumatoid arthritis, bunions or another problem that causes deformity in the foot.  The procedure involves cutting the metatarsal bone. Properly repositioning, as well as fastening it in place with the use of metal pins, plates, or screws.
  • Morton’s neuroma surgery:

  • This condition causes pain in the toes and ball of the foot. Where a mass of tissue has grown around a serve. The surgeon would decompress the nerve or wholly remove the inflamed nerve. Thereby relieving the debilitating, burning pain suffered by the patient.
  • Toe deformity correction surgery:

  • Hammertoes, bunions, calluses and corns may disfigure the feet in severe cases. A deformed toe will cause discomfort and pain, while increasing the risks of falls and other injury causing mishaps. A surgery can be performed to straighten out and reposition. The toes, so that the patient is able to walk properly, without pain.
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Patients who have to undergo any of the surgeries mentioned above must consult an experienced surgeon like Selin Sakarcan at once.

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