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Steven Rindner Suggests Ways of Studying Biology

Studies can be a daunting task if the approach is not right. Often students complain of studies being a boring part of their lives, even though it is the most important. It is this disinterested attitude that reflects in the grades of the students as well. The key to arousing interest in any subject is to make it easy to learn. Steven Rindner having studied biology as his major subject, shares his insights and the techniques he used to study biology in class.

Particularly when in college,

There are a lot of distractions for students. That is when one needs to streamline their plan of action toward their studies. The first massive help in studying biology while in college is to do a lot of reading in advance. This helps give the students a heads-up on whatever is going to be said or taught through the lectures. It helps the students concentrate on the class for the basic reason that they know they will be able to interact with the teacher confidently with regard to what is being taught. They do not feel lost but feel connected.

While doing this advanced reading, taking notes and writing down important points help one remember them better. This is also a great way for the student to compare their reading with the lecture. Students also use labels to date their notes and exchange the same with their friends.

As a student of biology, Steven Rindner found it very helpful to note down the key concepts of every topic. This involves active listening on the part of the student. It is a good habit to write down the key concepts while the lecture is going on; it need not be written in a very organized and clean way at the time, that can be done later. Rearranging and writing them down neatly, later, helps one reiterate what was taught in class once again. This enables one to learn by repetition.

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Inducing attraction

In studies does not always have to be the involvement of some major physical activity; it can be as simple as introducing a little color. The notes and key points that are written down by students often look haphazard, clumsy, and dull. A very good way to make it interesting is to use colored markers or pens to write down different important things. Alternatively, one could highlight the important parts of the note so that they stand out and draw the attention of the one reading it later at any time.

Steven Rindner emphasizes the use of color in the notes because they not help enhance the appearance of the information taken and thereby arouse interest but also help in memorizing things better. Some students also use color codes for their notes. In this way, they know which color means what and it helps them understand and recall the study material better.

Studies are not just about learning things robotically, often lack of appeal causes a repulsion in the behavior of students. However, with a little bit of creativity, things can be made a lot more fascinating and attention-keeping.

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