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The Life of And Death With Gabby Petito Through Brian Laundrie

The FBI said in January that the Brian Laundrie contents of his notebook, which were discovered by officials next to his remains in a Florida swamp last October, including a confession, had been shared with the Laundrie family attorney, according to NBC News New York. A multi-page suicide note that had been submerged for several weeks is visible in the images.

In it, he tried to make sense of why he had done it by blaming his wife and having an affair with Gabby Petito’s mother. He also said he struggled with bipolar disorder and had been taking medication since 2008.

The notebook also reveals that Brian Laundrie was very familiar with Miami’s real estate market and even made a list of properties he wanted to buy or sell for himself or family members.


Brian and Gabby

Were hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina when they came across an abandoned cabin. The place, which was once a home to hikers, had been sitting empty for years. Brian decided to make it his new home. He built a fire pit in the center of the cabin’s living room and set up a bed for himself in one corner. Gabby stayed in the other corner and slept on a sleeping bag. They cooked meals over their campfire and shared food with each other.

When they got back from their hike, Brian was eager to get back to work on his cabin. He spent every spare moment outside building furniture or working on his houseplant collection. He also spent hours recording nature sounds using his phone as a microphone.

Gabby didn’t share Brian’s enthusiasm for building projects or spending time outdoors. When he suggested that she build a greenhouse out of plastic sheeting, Gabby declined with a smile: “I don’t want to get my feet dirty! I’d rather be indoors looking at plants than going outside looking at trees!”

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What did Brian do to Gabby Petito?

In a diary note, Brian Laundrie acknowledged murdering Gabby Petito. In the statement, Laundrie, who passed away in Sarasota’s Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, expressed regret and pleaded with the police to be kind with his family.

Laundrie was found dead after he shot himself in the head last month while walking through the park with his dog. He left behind a suicide note that included a confession to killing Gabby Petito, although no one else was charged or arrested with her murder.

In his final entry dated Aug. 21, Laundrie wrote about how he wished he had never met someone as “stupid as Gabby.” The following day, investigators found Gabby’s body buried in an animal burial site at the park where she had been living alone for several months before her death was discovered by police two weeks ago when they were called out to check on her welfare after she failed to show up for work at a nearby convenience store.


What did Brian Laundrie’s notebook say about Gabby Petito?

Brian Laundrie’s notebook was an important piece of evidence for the prosecution in his trial for the murder of Gabby Petito.

The notebook contained a number of entries about Petito, including her physical appearance and her relationship with Laundrie. It also contained several entries that were not related to Gabby Petito at all, including one about a man named Jason who beat up his girlfriend, another about someone named “Bill,” and a third entry describing how Laundrie had lost his job as a result of his cocaine addiction.

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In his trial, Laundrie claimed that he wrote all of these entries in his notebook while he was working at a shelter for abused women who were recovering from drug addiction. He claimed that after he lost his job at the shelter, he became homeless and spent months living out of his car before moving into the home where he lived with Gabby Petito.

Laundrie said that when he moved in with Gabby Petito she had already been living there for some time; however, there is no evidence that this is true. In fact, there is evidence suggesting that Gabby Petito moved into the house just days before Laundrie moved in.

The notebook also included a photo of Petito as well as other personal information about her such as her email address and phone number. It also contained information about Laundrie’s family members including his sister and parents’ names, ages and addresses. 


Did Brian laundries parents know?

Brian Laundrie was a 20-year-old college student when he killed his girlfriend during a camping trip in northern California.

In an updated complaint, the Petitos claimed that Brian Laundrie’s parents were aware of Gabby’s. Murder and were aware of “the whereabouts of the corpse” during the search for Gabby. Last August, while travelling cross-country with her fiancé Laundrie, Petito vanished.

The amended complaint also claims that Brian’s parents were aware. Of his marijuana use and knew about injuries to his girlfriend. The couple had been living together for about six months at the time of Gabby’s disappearance.

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“Gabby’s family has suffered immeasurably since she was taken from them,” attorney. Cory Briggs said in a statement released by the family on Thursday afternoon. They haven’t heard anything in a little more than two. Months about where she could be or even whether she’s still alive.

Brian Laundrie’s Notebook Reveals Confession That He Murdered Gabby Petito toTake ‘Away Her Pain’.


As the lawyers representing

Gabby Petito’s family and the Laundrie family met with the FBI in Tampa to take ownership. Items were discovered next to Brian Laundrie’s body last month, a piece of his notebook was made public. The FBI has not yet released the contents of the notebook, but it is believed that it contains. A confession from Brian Laundrie that he murdered Gabby Petito because he was “tired of her pain.”

Gabby’s father, Dario Petito, told reporters that he would like to give Brian Laundrie an opportunity to explain his actions. “We would like to hear what he has to say,” said Mr. Petito. “We don’t know why he did this.”

Brian Laundrie’s mother, Mary Ellen Kresser, said she wants answers as well. “I want to know why my son is dead,” said Mrs. Kresser during a press conference Thursday afternoon. “He was just a normal kid from Tampa.”

According to ABC News affiliate WFTS-TV in Tampa, Florida, the notebook contains entries about his relationship with Gab

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