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Tom Cruise Teeth as a Kid

tom cruise teeth is a celebrity who has been in the spotlight for decades. He’s been in the spotlight for so long, in fact, that it’s easy to forget how he used to look as a kid. People took to social media on Monday after photos of Tom Cruise as a child were released and people noticed something strange about them: his crooked smile and space between his teeth which made him look like a chipmunk instead of an Oscar winner

Tom Cruise has Reportedly had Some Dental Work Done.

  • Tom Cruise has reportedly had some dental work done.
  • He’s had some teeth whitening
  • He’s had some veneers
  • He’s had some crowns
  • And, of course, he also got implants and gum lifts

On social media, People Discussed the 54-year-Appearance. Old’s

“Tom Cruise looks like Dracula and a shark combined in this photo,” one person wrote in response to a tweet from Entertainment Tonight.

Another added: “Why does Tom Cruise look like Dracula with buck teeth?”

Tom Cruise has Teeth

Tom Cruise has teeth. They are real and they have been his entire life.

The question of whether or not Cruise has had any work done on his teeth is a subject of much debate, but what is known for sure is that he has not had any plastic surgery done on them since he was born.

Cruise had a Crooked Smile and Space between his Teeth.

Cruise had a gap between his two front teeth and a lopsided smile. His parents couldn’t afford to get them fixed, so this was something that Cruise would have to live with for the rest of his life. The gap was probably due to the fact that he was born with it–it’s possible that it got worse as he got older because of how much time he spent smiling during his acting career.

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His Parents Didn’t have the Money to Fix it, so they Just left It.

Tom Cruise’s teeth were crooked, but he was still cute. Tom Cruise’s parents couldn’t afford braces for their son, so they just left it as is One of his front teeth protruded farther than the other due to a gap in his smile. Even though he had crooked teeth, people still thought that he was handsome because of how cute and friendly his smile was! I Tom didn’t have to get braces because even though he had bad teeth, they didn’t affect his overall appearance in any way whatsoever!

Tom Cruise’s Teeth are no Longer Crooked

The Tom Cruise’s teeth are no longer crooked. As a child, Tom Cruise had a relatively mild case of buck teeth–but then he got braces and they were gone. It’s still kind of weird to look at pictures of him before and after; you can tell that his face was different because the front part is more square than round now.

As a child, Tom Cruise had a Relatively mild Case of buck Teeth

As a child, Tom Cruise had buck teeth. This was because he was born with them and his parents could not afford to get them fixed.

Tom Cruise was born in a small town in Missouri where everyone knew everyone else and it was very difficult for families to make ends meet. He grew up poor with five siblings, including one older brother who died at age 19 when he drove his car into a tree while drunk driving. The family had no money for braces or treatment for Tom’s teeth so they just left them alone until he grew out of them on his own after puberty hit around 13 years old when hormones kicked in during puberty causing him

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Then he Got braces and they Were Gone

Tom Cruise is known for his smile, but did you know that he had braces as a kid?

He’s an actor and producer who has starred in dozens of films and television shows over the years. He’s also one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, with an estimated net worth of $570 million USD (as of 2019).

Cruise got his first acting job when he was just 15 years old. Since then, he has starred in some amazing movies like Top Gun and Mission Impossible III.

It’s still kind of Weird to look at Pictures of Before and After

It’s still kind of weird to look at pictures of Tom Cruise before and after. He’s had a lot of cosmetic procedures done. So there are photos where he looks different enough that you can’t even recognize him. But despite all the changes in his appearance. There are some things that never change: his smile is always wide and perfect!

. Cruise’s teeth as a kid.

Tom Cruise had a slight gap between his teeth as a kid, but it was never noticeable. His parents couldn’t afford braces. And he didn’t get them until later in life. He still has the same teeth today

He Regrets Nothing

Tom Cruise is one of the most successful and acclaimed actors in Hollywood. Having starred in dozens of movies that have grossed billions of dollars at the box office. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards. Winning one for his role as Ron Kovic in Born on the Fourth of July (1989).

But what you may not know about him is that he also once had braces? Yep! In fact, he still has them today–and they’re made out of titanium steel because they were so strong as an adult that he couldn’t get them off!

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Cruise’s teeth are Real and they’ve Always been that Way.

Tom Cruise has never had any dental work done. His teeth are real and they’ve always been that way.

Although it’s not uncommon for people to have their teeth straightened or whitened as adults. Tom Cruise has never had any cosmetic procedures performed on his mouth. He has just always had perfect white veneers. Which explains why he was so happy when he found out he would get braces in A Few Good Men!

Tom cruise has the Same teeth all his Life and they aren’t Fake.

Tom Cruise has the same teeth all his life and they aren’t fake. The actor has been known for his perfect smile since he was a kid. But what most people don’t know is that he had braces as a child to fix his crooked teeth.

His orthodontist said: “He came to see me when he was about 15 years old and we straightened out those front ones.”

Although Tom’s smile was fixed at an early age, it didn’t stop him from getting more work done on his mouth in 2015 when he had veneers put on top of them so they looked whiter than before!


Tom Cruise is a very successful actor. But he also has a passion for helping others. He has started several charities and foundations over the years and donates his time to those causes whenever possible.

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