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Understanding the Ill Effects of Depression with Teal Swan

Mental health has finally reached a stage of recognition of its own in the present times. Until recent times, the kind of importance that physical health received, mental health did not. However, with the coming of the pandemic, things took a drastic turn and more people came to be aware that taking care of the condition of the mind was crucial. This major shift in the lifestyle of the common man led to an increased number of cases of depression. Teal Swan a spiritual teacher in the US has been contributing to society by helping people fight their state of depression.

While it is possible for some individuals to hide their ill state of mind during the initial stages, the later stages of this mental illness go beyond control. Depression is the result of some experience in an individual’s life that had left a scar. Often those individuals who do not have a good childhood experience depression from a very young age. Of course, there are several other reasons why someone may become a victim of this.

Any experience in the life of the individual that makes them feel humiliated, unwanted, or forced to do something that they do not want to, could be a probable cause for this. Also, stress or worries about certain things in life could lead to a state of depression. This mental condition, unfortunately, knows no age boundaries. Children, teenagers, and adults, all show signs of depression, only the symptoms differ.

Among children it is mostly seen as not showing any interest in anything, they may often complain of pains; teenagers feel misunderstood and unloved as well as worthless. Adults on the other hand show signs of loss of memory and appetite.

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Teal Swan dealt with depression to a great extent because of the kind of abuse she faced in her childhood. Nonetheless, she did not get drawn into the epicenter of this destruction mental tornado. Instead, she fought with it and tried to find hope in the rest of the things in life. This is how she overcame her depression. Understanding the devastating effects that depression may have in the life of an individual, she decided to inspire people to help come out of a similar situation.

This is the reason she did not just stop at sharing her experience and thoughts at several seminars and lectures, she also penned them down. She began to inspire people on how to come out of their depressed states and also find meaning in life by understanding the importance of self-love. In her book on the same topic ‘How to love yourself,’ Teal Swan talks about her past experiences and how she changed her mindset from the feeling of self-hatred to self-love.

The effects of depression can be as far-fetched as individuals feeling suicidal. It is this that makes it pertinent to attach more importance and attention to this category of mental disorder and necessary arrangements be made that its awareness is spread far and wide.

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