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Useful DIY tips to make personalized gifts

A gift becomes more special when they are designed and customized personally for the recipient. Just a little bit of personalization is needed to turn a simple gift into a preserving keepsake. You must be thinking of your need to become a craft ninja to create such beautiful DIY personalized gifts. Only a few simple tricks you need to know to create adorable personalized gifts.

Here, we have a few suggestions for those who are keen to create the best DIY personalized gifts.

Customized mini-notebook:

Old-school notebooks have something special, even in this digital era. You just need a bunch of blank papers, cardboard and crafting tools to make a beautiful notebook. It will be a perfect gift for your writer friend, your artist sister and the creative people you know.

Create a beautiful notebook cover with cardboard sheets, colourful paper etc. Let the creative you flow free to make a gorgeous cover. Attach a quote and the name of the recipient above the notebook cover. He/she will truly appreciate your effort and no doubt they will love to treasure the gift for years.

Personalized photo album:

Even though you can order a personalized photobook album from a gift store, handcrafted personalised photo gifts are more appreciable. How can you create such a beautiful gift with DIY hacks? Well, it’s quite a simple task. First, you should collect hard copies of a few photographs of the person you want to gift. Next, make an album with a beautiful cover and black pages inside. Attach the photographs one by one to each of the pages. If possible, add specific dates, some handwritten messages and funny quotes with particular photographs.

Create this beautiful DIY gift for your wife on her birthday. Trust us, she will be amazed by your effort and concern.

Personalized keychains:

You can make cute, little personalized keychains with the help of a sewing machine. This is a great way to use leftover fabrics. The recipient can use this adorable gift every day. Make a cut-out of the recipient’s name initial and stitch it to the main fabric. Also, you can design the keychain in different shapes and sizes. It can be a flower-shaped or heart-shaped or any other unique shape like a car, house and many more. Use synthetic cotton to fill these from the inside. After completing, it will look amazing that you will start loving your crafting talent.

Personalized cutting board:

Some personalized gifts cannot be created at home. For example, you need to take the help of technologies to design photo-printed custom mugs for birthdays. Only a professional personalizing artist can attach a picture to a simple coffee mug. But you can personalize a simple kitchen chopping board for your mom this upcoming Mother’s Day. It also can make a great gift for your friend who loves cooking and baking. Personalize it with their nicknames, an inspirational quote or some praising words on their talent.

You can make personalized jewellery pieces as well with the recipient’s photograph. Now, it’s up to you what you can create and what the recipient loves as a gift.

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