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El tiempo para hoy es una expresión coloquial que se usa para referirse a un momento de la vida. El tiempo para hoy puede cambiar dependiendo de las circumstances y por lo tanto tiene muchas variantes. En su forma más sencilla, el tiempo para hoy es “hora de hoy”. Por ejemplo: “James no está en casa”, podría decirse que James no está en el moment actual del día (por ejemplo, durante la hora del almuerzo).Si usted quiere decir que James no está en casa hoy (en este caso), entonces tendría que decir “James no está en casa este día” o “James no está en casra hoy”.

Tiempo Para Yoy in Winter

The season of winter is a good time to start your Spanish lessons. This is because, while there are many things that can be done in the cold weather such as skiing and snowboarding, it’s also the best time for studying Spanish. The first thing you’ll want to do when starting lessons with us is choose a book or audio course that fits your schedule and interests!

You might find yourself wondering what kind of books we have available for beginners who want to learn how not only speak but also read and write Spanish fluently as well – here’s our list:

  • Libro’s de ingles/inglese’s con capsules (eBooks) – These books use pictures so they’re easier than most typical textbooks but still retain all their usefulness when reading aloud! They come with their own flashcards so you can practice listening comprehension outside class too! Plus, there are exercises at the end of each chapter which help reinforce what was learned during class time; 
  • Another great feature about these kinds of materials is that they’re perfect if someone wants something short enough where they don’t need much time away from work/schoolwork etc…

Temporada De Invierno

Temporada de invierno

The winter season is a time for rest and relaxation, so it’s no surprise that the weather can be a bit chilly. With the holidays just around the corner and temperatures dropping below freezing at night, you may feel like you need more than just an extra sweater or two. Temporada de Inverno means “season of winter” in Spanish (literally translated as “wintertime”), which is another way of saying that this is when temperatures are low or nonexistent outside.

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This is Time for Today.

The expression “time for today” conveys the notion that something is happening right now. It can be used in many situations, such as:

  • When you want to say that you’re going somewhere, or want someone else to go somewhere with you. Example: “I’m going out tonight.”
  • When you want to tell someone something about your plans for tomorrow morning and afternoon (or evening). Example: “I’ll see you tomorrow at 8 AM.”

Presentación del Trabajo presentado Por Estudiante, Mauricio Rojano

The present study aims to investigate the relationship between time perception and academic performance in university students. The methodology used was a descriptive correlational design with a cross-sectional design. Data was collected from 140 undergraduate students from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD). The variables measured were: time perception, academic performance and anxiety level. The first factor analysis revealed three dimensions of time perception: subjective duration, objective duration and locus of control; however as well as cognitive complexity of the task/situation; physical activity level during learning; motivation level to learn new things at school/university etc., these three dimensions corresponded with different factors according to Factor Analysis which makes it possible for us to differentiate between them based on their characteristics such as cultural background/education level etc..

Domingo de Semana Santa.

Domingo de Semana Santa (Spanish for Sunday of the Holy Week) is a Christian holiday celebrated on the day after Easter. The holiday falls on the fifth Sunday after Easter and marks the beginning of Holy Week, which commemorates Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection. During this time, Catholics often visit small shrines dedicated to saints as part of their devotion to God.

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Domingo de Ramos (Spanish for Monday) is another popular Catholic holiday that falls on Tuesday after Ash Wednesday. On this day, Catholics remember St. Thomas Aquinas by praying that his spirit be present with them during their daily lives—and they eat fish at dinner in remembrance of his conversion from vegetarianism when he met Mary Magdalene while traveling with her through India before becoming her disciple and friend.

Miércoles Santo o Santo Tomás (Spanish for Wednesday Saint) marks Thursday when Christians celebrate another saint’s feast day: San Pedro Martyr or San Pablo Martyr or San Bartolomé; depending upon where you live around Europe – these names translate as “Saint Peter,” “Saint Paul,” or “Saint Bartholomew.”

Jueves Santo o San Pedro (Spanish for Thursday Saint) celebrates Friday by remembering Our Lady Mother Church (Madre de Dios), whose shrine stands at Calzada Agustín Roque Etcheverry #2444 in Montevideo Uruguay . This church was built in honor then-President Raul Rodríguez Saá who dedicated it back in 1990 during a visit he made here along with Pope John Paul II .

Domingo de Ramos (Día de San Juan).

Domingo de Ramos (Día de San Juan).

Sábado Santo del Señor (Santo Domingo del Señor).

Domingo de Ramos (Día de San Juan).

Miércoles Santo o Santo Tomás (San Tomás).

Miércoles Santo o Santo Tomás (San Tomás).

On this day, you will be fasting and abstaining from certain foods and beverages. You should also pray to God for his help in your life and for the salvation of your soul.

  • Sábado de Pascua (Easter Sunday). This is one of the most important days in Christianity because it marks the beginning of springtime. It also commemorates Christ’s resurrection from death and his ascension into heaven after three days on earth as a human being (during which time he ate fish).
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Jueves Santo o San Pedro (San Pedro).

  • If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your day off, consider going to the Museum of Art and History. The museum has a variety of exhibits that are sure to fascinate children and adults alike!
  • If you’re looking for something more relaxing, try staying in touch with friends by using social media (Facebook, Instagram) or talking on the phone.

Viernes Santo o San Pablo (San Pablo).

You might think that since it’s Saturday, you have time for anything. But you would be wrong!

In fact, the day before this is actually an important day in Roman Catholic history: Saint Paul’s Day (also known as San Pablo).

Saint Paul was an apostle of Jesus Christ who lived during the first century A.D., and preached Christianity throughout Europe until his death. He was also named after (and so called) “San Pablo,” which means “Saint Paul.”

Sábado y Domingo Santo del Señor (Santo Domingo del Señor).

  • Sábado y Domingo Santo del Señor (Santo Domingo del Señor).
  • Sábado San y Domingo Santo del Señor.
  • Sábado San y Domingo Santo del Señoro (Santo Domingo del Señoro).
  • Sunday, Holy Day of Our Lord Jesus Christ; also called simply “Sunday”.

Tiempo Para Hoy

  • Tiempo para hoy
  • Tiempo para mañana
  • Tiempo para el domingo, el lunes y el martes. (Más tiempo para el miércoles)


Seleccionar el tiempo para hoy es un proceso de discernimiento. Si bien la revelación de Dios siempre está en pie, no es necesario que haya una fe muy fuerte para entender y tomar decisiones en este mundo. La autoridad del Señor Jesús habla con nosotros a través de los apóstoles, profetas y otros testigos del Reino de Dios; luego cada vez que creemos que Dios nos habla, tenemos poder para actuar.

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