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Why Buy Compact-Luxury SUV 2022 Genesis GV70?

The 2022 GV70 is a highly rated car from Genesis. People love its design along with a remarkable performance that it provides. Several reasons like reasonable pricing, superior performance, complete luxurious features, and more Compact-Luxury make people buy this vehicle. If you want to test drive it, visit Willow Grove Genesis dealer at the earliest. However, take a look first as to why you should get this compact-luxury SUV.

Reasonable pricing

It is a luxury car; thus, it is difficult for people to think that its price can be reasonable. It is available in 7 different trims and its base trim starts from $42k or so. Hence, have a look at the complete price list of this vehicle first.

The base model is 2.5T, which is priced at $42,595. The rest of the 2.5T versions include Select, Advance, and Prestige, which costs $46,045, $50,195, and $53,795 respectively. The 3.5T models comprise Sport, Sport Advance, and Sport Prestige, which are priced at $54,195, $58,645, and $63,545 respectively.

You can opt for any trim you would like as each one offers remarkable luxury aspects and supreme performance that anyone would enjoy. However, the get the best ones, you should opt for a trim which is 2.5T Prestige or any above it.

Superior performance

The GV70 is either equipped with a 2.5L turbocharged engine or a V6 3.5L twin-turbo option. The smaller one is known for making 300 ponies while the V6 has an output of 375 horses. Though there is a manual transmission available for this vehicle, most opt for the standard automatic 8-speed transmission.

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This SUV offers an athletic aspect that is quite strong, especially on the Sport models. The V6 takes 4.9 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, while the default engine takes 5.6 seconds for the same. Supreme performance is what you will get when driving this vehicle that makes every ride quite enjoyable.

Distinct design and styling

Be it the exterior or interior; the GV70 offers distinct design and styling. The glossy paintwork that shines under the light along with a large company unique front grille, etc. gives it the distinct look.

The luxurious features available in its Compact-Luxury cabin will impress any individual. The exterior portion’s sweeping lines carry into its interior design to offer a unified look. Leather and suede upholstery, streamlined dashboard, etc. makes it look quite posh. Quality materials, shift glass knob, and various other aspects provide a luxurious vibe.

Moreover, people sitting at the back have more leg space for stretching to make every ride comfortable. Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, Lexicon stereo, Android Auto, and more are standard features in this vehicle. To have the ultimate luxury experience of this car, visit Willow Grave Genesis dealership for a test drive.

All these luxurious features, supreme performance, etc. at reasonable pricing is why you should buy this subcompact-luxury SUV 2022 Genesis GV70. It is a car that you can use for everyday purposes as well as weekend getaways. Hence, all you need is to choose a trim that suits you and reach your destination every day with a class apart luxurious car.

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